CAP: The Consenses Project


For the past two years, Consenses’ Founder Sally Taylor has engaged over 150 artists from around the world, of every medium and genre, and brought them together by asking them to interpret one another’s artwork in the vein of a game of “Telephone” and express it in their own medium.

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For example: a musician interprets a photograph, a dancer interprets their song, a painter interprets the dance, a perfumer interprets the painting, a poet interprets the perfume and so on until all five senses are represented.


This process has formed what Sally has termed Interpretative Chains: a collective, holistic statement; an intriguing procession from one piece to the next; the revealing of a unique glimpse into the artistic process and the complexity of perception.

Sally Taylor visited CAP classes at Brimmer and May in the spring of 2014 and we visited her exhibition in Cambridge this September. Inspired by her work, the CAP students created their own version of the Consenses Project. We invite you to view our work by clicking on the following names

  1. Sara Silmi
  2. Jenny Bae
  3. Susanna Calhoun
  4. Aileen Xiao
  5. Austin Camiel
  6. Jaime Goldman
  7. Genevieve Lefevre
  8. Grace Pilkington
  9. Claudia Slifka
  10. Mia Kundert
  11. Tony Ni

You can view and contribute to Sally Taylor’s Consenses project here.

– By Bill Jacob