Photos: Week in Review


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  • Kyrell Luc ’21, Tristan Durocher ’21 and Abdulaziz Alomran ’22. Photo by Sita Alomran ‘19.

  • Kaylee Little ’23 and Breanna Durand ’20 on the sidelines supporting the varsity girl’s soccer team. Photo by Sita Alomran ‘19.

  • Stephen Moreno Jimenez ’20 and Tahina Trias-Lizama ’22 working on their homework during study hall. Photo by Sita Alomran ‘19.

  • Rebecca Calhoun ’19 and Cara Rittner ’19 editing pictures during AP Photography. Photo by Sita Alomran ‘19.

  • Librarian Meghan Dolan helps Middle School students water the tower garden. Photo By Sita Alomran ‘19.

  • “The class gives you time to work on your application so you can’t procrastinate. You should make sure to listen to the college counsellors deadlines and work on supplements over the summer.” -Gabi Maynard

  • “Stay as organized as you can and be ready to write a lot. Try and write your college essays and fill out your Common App early because that makes everything easier.” -Emma Hastings ’19

  • Ahmad Faisal ’20 reads a novel for English class. Photo By Sita Alomran ‘19.

  • Daniel Zhang ’19 working on AP Calculus. Photo By Sita Alomran ‘19.

  • Wayni “Betty” Wang ’21 and Marianne Alagos ’21 work on Algebra II. Photo By Sita Alomran ‘19.

  • Rakan Alomran ’19 peeling off stickers for STEAM Lab. Photo By Sita Alomran ‘19.

  • “Make sure to start your essay early because it is really easy to procrastinate. Try to have a solid rough draft completed before you start senior year because your schedule in the fall will definitely be busy.” -Abby Mynahan ’19

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