‘Candide’ Delights Audiences

The Upper School production of Candide premiered Friday to rave reviews—and much needed laughs after a heated presidential election season.

Directed by Creative Arts Department Chair Bill Jacob, Candide—based on the philosophical novel by Voltaire about “the best of all possible worlds”— explores the hero’s choice between believing in optimism over pessimism.

“That stark choice had reverberations and relevance in our current political scene, and serves as a reminder that history does indeed repeat itself,” saysJacob. “Our ancestors struggled with the same ideas, concerns, and approaches to daily life that still concern us today.

The production, which featured actors taking on multiple roles, starred Nicholas Correia ’17, Kaitlyn Murphy ’17, Kate Delaney ’17, and Zach Rocklin-Walch ’17.

“I think it was one of the best shows we’ve done, definitely one of the hardest shows we’ve done, because of all the scene changes, and technical changes,” Correia said. Adapted for the stage by Scott Hunter, the show features crude humor and innuendo, and it’s definitely one of the edgier performances to hit the Corkin Theater.

Appearing in his first play, Goziem Echebiri ’18 enjoyed working with the cast and crew.“I think it went really well, and all of the cast had good chemistry which made working with each other fun and productive.”

Candide ranks among the most challenging plays the School has performed, Jacob says, referencing multiple props and scene changes, as well as over 75 characters portrayed on stage. “It’s a classic story told in a very entertaining and funny way, and it gave the audience the opportunity to laugh at a time many found stressful.” “It’s 18th Century South Park,” said Jacob, jokingly. “What’s not to like?”

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