Upper School Students Show Slovenly Lunch Behavior

Upper School students are not cleaning up after themselves at lunch, according to an School-wide email Dr. Donald Reese sent earlier this month, which included photographs of slovenly behavior.

“It’s not unusual for students to just walk away from tables, leaving behind a big mess,” Reese said, also noting that teachers supervising lunch duty often help pick up the slack.

In March, art teacher Brent Ridge also sent a similar email to Upper School students.

“I want to remind you that it is your duty to clear your own dishes and utensils and trash you created. There were quite a few items left inappropriately for the lunch duty folks to clear. There was also a smaller crew to clean today, and this is a reminder to be diligent in keeping up your responsibility to show up for your lunch duty to help out.”

Dean of Students Paul Murray says it’s not the faculty’s job to clean up after students.

“You’re hurting the School, and you are hurting your fellow students who are on lunch duty,” Murray said.

“It’s not that hard to clean up after yourself,” Upper School Senate President Emma Hastings ’19 said. “Just do it.”

“The teachers shouldn’t have to tell the students to pick up after themselves, and it shouldn’t be the responsibility of a couple students and teachers. Everyone should pick up after themselves,” Marni Steinberg ’21 said.

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