Steam Lab Attends HubWeek Boston


Steam Lab students who attended HubWeek show off their science jackets, provided to enhance the experience of an Escape Room. Photo courtesy of Katheryn Lee.

STEAM Diploma students experienced Boston’s HubWeek Festival earlier this month, which celebrated innovative thought leaders working to change the world.

At the event, students explored how technology plays a role in everyday life.

Students also had the opportunity to attend over fifty sessions, with speakers addressing topics ranging from blackholes, to hydrogen powered cars, to diversity in the technology industry.

Attendees also participated in interactive and hands-on activities, including building cars and question-and-answer sessions.

Kevin Wen ‘20 found the field trip interesting. He especially enjoyed learning about the challenges of sending people to Mars.

“We learned a lot about not only the technology, but also the morality behind it,” Wen said. “The Mars exploration is at the expense of the astronauts. They will have to live their whole lives there, and spend a long time traveling to get there.”

Director of Innovation Katherine Lee chaperoned the trip. “I thought it went really well,” she said. “The presentation that impressed me the most was Bodies in Space. The panel consisted of an astronaut and somebody from the MIT Media Lab.”

Lee also enjoyed seeing students build model cars powered by alternative energy, and appreciated the interesting art installations.

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