About The Gator

The Gator is the official student news site of Brimmer and May School, an independent, pre-K-12 school located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Brimmer and May is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), which in 2011 designated Brimmer and May as a “School of the Future.” In addition, it is a member of the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE), Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), the Independent Curriculum Group (ICG), and the National Center for Independent School Renewal (NCISR).

Mission statement

The Gator aims to engage and inform the wider community, while embracing new and emerging 21st cenutry communication tools. All the while, we are fully committed to honoring and honing time-tested journalism skills.


We strive for accurate, in-depth journalism, but mistakes happen—even at The New York Times. Please contact the newsroom if you notice errors that warrant correcting. We will review your message and, if appropriate, make the correction and note the change at the bottom of the post.

Editorial policy

News writers are not involved in the writing, production, or editing of any editorials, which do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the entire newsroom. The editorial board—save for the news editor—manages all aspects of the editorial writing process. This helps to ensure a productive and ethical newsroom. Moreover, to foster credibility, news writers are not allowed to write opinion pieces about the School or School-related events.

Fall 2018 Staff

Abigail Mynahan ’19, Editor-in-Chief: Under Mynahan’s leadership, the paper continues to earn outside recognition. She especially enjoys writing news and helping other writers. An avid reader, she also enjoys playing soccer.

Jared Heller ’19, Executive Editor: Jared works closely with Abigail Mynahan to oversee day-to-day production of the publication. Outside of the newsroom, he enjoys playing soccer and lacrosse.

Caroline Champa ’20, News Editor: A gifted reporter, Caroline is passionate about helping to train new recruits. When she is not in the newsroom or in class, Caroline can be found playing squash or tennis.

Michael Donahue ’19, Associate Editor: A veteran of the newsroom, Michael has reported for every section. Outside of the newsroom, he enjoys watching sports and running cross country.

Michelle Levinger ’19, Multimedia Manager and Chief GNN Producer: A multi-talented individual, Michelle has proven instrumental to launching and improving GNN. She also enjoys singing and taking photographs.

Hannah Ahearn ’20, GNN Co-Anchor and News Writer: Hannah brings tremendous professionalism to the bi-weekly broadcast, while also finding time to write news stories. Outside of the newsroom, she is a dynamite soccer player.

Angeline Nur Dervisevic ’21, GNN Co-Anchor: Angeline takes deep pride in her work, both on and off camera. She is also a gifted athlete, participating in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.

Sita Alomran ’19, Photographer: A talented photographer, Sita’s work is featured throughout the publication. Outside of class, she is also an award-winning artist and is a talented soccer player.

Gabe Bryan’19, Op-Ed Writer: A passionate believer in level-headed thinking, Gabe’s work has won several scholastic awards. He enjoys playing soccer and baseball.

Camille Cherney ’20, Op-Ed and News Writer. Camille has written some of the publication’s most popular content, earning her outside recognition. She enjoys playing tennis and reading.

Kitty (Jiayu) Huang ’21, GNN Producer and Sound Engineer: Kitty brings numerous talents to the newsroom, including composing original music for the publication. Outside of class, she enjoys reading, writing, and learning more about sound.

Elias Kazin ’20, News Writer: New to the newsroom, Elias has already made his presence known, covering his own stories and helping others meet deadline. Outside of the newsroom, he frequently stars in theatrical productions.

Molly McHugh ’21, News and Opinion Writer: A veteran reporter, Molly has contributed to every section of the publication. A true team player, outside of the newsroom, she enjoys sports, shopping, and hanging out with friends.

Ella Meranus ’20, News Writer: A talented reporter, it’s hard to believe that this is Ella’s first year in the newsroom. When she isn’t busy she enjoys running, baking, rock climbimg, and writing.

Hanna Spivak ’20, News and Opinion Writer: Hanna is passionate about sharing her voice through multiple mediums, and she cares deeply about the quality of her work. When she isn’t in the newsroom or in class, she can be found playing soccer or softball.

Harrison Teschke ’21, News Writer: A new recruit to the newsroom, Harrison is dedicated to learning the craft as he continues to pump out quality content. Outside of the newsroom, he enjoys playing video games and competing in cross country.

David Cutler, Gator Adviser: A 2002 Brimmer and May graduate, David loves advising The Gator. A writer and reporter by training, he is eager to share his work with students.


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