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An array of masks made by Avery Alperin '21.

Alperin ’21 Starts Community Initiative

Michael Young, Writer May 1, 2020
As medical professionals are always helping us, it is our turn to help them by masking masks.
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Q&A: Neudel Offers Post-Spring Break Updates

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 27, 2020
As students prepare to begin remote learning Tuesday, The Gator interviewed Upper School Head Joshua Neudel for an update on how the School is adjusting plans based on COVID-19.
Op-Ed: Stop Hoarding

Op-Ed: Stop Hoarding

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 20, 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and create turmoil, madness has struck, not in isolation but at local grocery stores – people are hoarding.
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Coronavirus: Chinese Students Worry About Home

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 13, 2020
Head of School Judith Guild encourages support for Chinese students.
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Op-Ed: My Heart Aches for Australia

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 23, 2020
Many Australian Open players announce support of relief efforts.
Brimmer students celebrate as the Girls’ Soccer scores a goal to tie the game.

Fall 2019: A Semester to Remember

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 24, 2019
Brian Gamble ’23 completed the Nov. 6 MBIL Cross Country championship 3.1-mile race at Gann Academy in 17:21, a course record, leading the boys’ team to a first-place victory.
Samantha Estrada '20 checks out homework in Canvas, the new learning management system. Phot by Edan Zinn '23.

eBackPack Suddenly Closes, Forcing Scramble

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 12, 2019
The School's online learning management system, eBackpack, filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy over the summer, failing to notify administrators of the situation.

Freshmen Question Sophomore Wellness Requirement

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2019
Even with some gaps, Upper School Head Joshua Neudel says, the course covers ground.
Amplify: Winterim 2019

Amplify: Winterim 2019

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 10, 2019
Upper School students traveled to China, India, Croatia, France and Italy, Dominican Republic, Boston, and the Grand Canyon. Enter keywords
Michelle Levinger '19 lines up her position. Photo by Amanda Frank.

Winter Sports Roundup

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2019
Varsity teams earned another strong season.
New Teacher Profile: Emily Miller

New Teacher Profile: Emily Miller

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 5, 2019
Learn about the incoming Lower School Head.
Semi- Formal Theme Announced

Semi- Formal Theme Announced

Caroline Champa, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 12, 2018
The Upper School Senate had a unique way of sharing the news.
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