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Inside Shake Shake Inc.

Inside Shake Shake Inc.
Sam Ravina March 31, 2017
The Gator interviewed Shake Shack’s Regional Director of Operations.

Humanities Symposium Captivates

By Noa Schabes 17'
Sam Ravina January 23, 2017
Doug Worthen, the director of Mindfulness Programs at the Middlesex School, engages students in discussion.

Tough Opening Loses For V. Soccer

Tough Opening Loses For V. Soccer
Sam Ravina September 19, 2016
Both teams struggled to earn a win, even as strong play abounds.

2016’s Lesson for the Left

Free Speech words beside a 3d microphone to symbolize the first amendment and freedom of expression
Sam Ravina May 9, 2016
Money’s true effect on politics strikes down the main argument against Citizens United.

Dr. Voegeli on the Liberal Mind

Dr. Voegeli on the Liberal Mind
Sam Ravina April 7, 2016
Senior Editor of Claremont Institute discusses natural rights, political correctness, and the history of liberalism.

Attorney General Healey on Youth, Marriage and Marijuana

Attorney General Healey on Youth, Marriage and Marijuana
Sam Ravina March 23, 2016
A question-and-answer with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

The Gator’s Big Day

The Gator newsroom poses in front of The Boston Globe building. Photo by Noa Schabes '17
Sam Ravina February 25, 2016
With a private tour of The Boston Globe and earning another award, the newsroom had its best day yet.

In Pelham, Community Comes Together Around Loss

candle ** Note: Slight graininess, best at smaller sizes
Sam Ravina January 26, 2016
Students and faculty paused classroom learning to offer support to Rupa Houndelga.

State of The Gator

Photo purchased from
Sam Ravina January 19, 2016
Editor-in-Chief Sam Ravina '17 gives an update on the newsroom's growth.

Congressman Kennedy on Trade, Healthcare and Education

Washington DC - US Capitol Building with car lights trails foreground at night
Sam Ravina January 5, 2016
Newsmakers features a representative of the 4th district of Massachusetts, home to many Brimmer and May students.

Lawrence Korb on Russia, China and Middle East Policies

us navy ddg 51 aegis class destroyer at sea
Sam Ravina October 28, 2015
Newsmakers presents Lawrence Korb, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, a leading public policy think-tank.

State Sen. Michael Barrett on Environmental Policy

Cartoon illustration of a colorful modern city
Sam Ravina July 28, 2015
Newsmakers’ presents Mass. State Senator Barrett, author of the legislation, An Act Combating Climate Change.
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