Peet’s Coffee & Tea Opens Nearby School


A new Peet’s Coffee & Tea location recently opened nearby Brimmer and May on Route 9, replacing competitor Starbucks, which had been in operation there since 1992.

The location seems ideal, as morning commuters make a quick stop to enjoy a variety of beverages and freshly baked goods. “Their coffee is excellent bursting with flavor,” said one new customer, pleased with the opening.

In fact, with over 30 different coffee options brewed fresh daily, organic tea from around the world, artisan baked goods, and grab-and-go sandwiches and salads, Peet’s is a hit.

But as reported by the Metrowest Daily News last March, Chestnut Hill town officials weren’t as excited about replacing one coffee chain with another, fearing  that “tales of litter, parking problems, and cars crashing into houses,” would plague any coffee store.

“Roberta Loberfeld, who owns a home on Heath Street, said she noticed problems with trash at the former Starbucks, as well as issues with a ‘flimsy’ chain at the rear of the site that she said was commonly left down, allowing for cars to pass through and onto Heath Street from Route 9,” writes reporter Ignacio Laguarda in his article, Peet’s Brookline plan shelved due to neighbor woes.

As part of the agreement, Peet’s promised improved practices to appease nearby residents.

Now that Peet’s is open for business, however, customers feel the vibe is more relaxed and less hectic. “Peet’s is a place where I come to do my work, and it’s never too loud,” another customer says. “What could be better than sitting in a comfy chair, drinking organic tea? Starbucks always has so many people running in and out—always yelling orders and trying to move people along.”

Brimmer and May students were also pleased with Peet’s. Coffee lover Mia Kundert ’16 said, ”I got a caramel macchiato and I liked it because it was sweet, but not extremely sugary.”

Kaitlin Murphy ’17 took her first sip last week. “I got a hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant,” she said. ”It was very satisfying, and I replaced milk for skim milk, and you couldn’t even taste the difference. Healthier and tastier. I would definitely say that Peet’s hot cocoa was better than how Starbucks makes it.”

History teacher David Culter says, “Look, it’s great to have the Peet’s here, there is no doubt about that. But I am all about Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.”

 — By Sarah Smith ’15, Enna Spivak ’17 and Shani Breiman ’18