Diversity Night Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

With Hispanic Heritage Month as its theme, the first diversity night of year featured not only traditional Latin American food, such as quesadillas, burritos, rice and beans and fried plantains, but also dancing, music and student presentations.

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Attendees also participated in a group art project, designed to symbolize cultural unity—as well as how a diverse but integrated community is vital part of any school environment.

“I really enjoyed Diversity Night, and it was great how much effort the club put into it,” says Paul Lafferty ’16. “In my opinion, the energetic Hispanic theme played a big part in the event’s success, and I felt it was fun and interactive.”

Diversity Director Jessica Christian, who organized the event with the Culture Club, which she also advises, said she hopes to foster even greater dialogue around issues of diversity. She is equally interested in helping the community explore how an individual’s uniqueness makes the community stronger.

Christian enjoyed the evening. “There was a dance performance that turned into everyone dancing together,” she said. “This wasn’t planned but it turned out to be awesome.”

Diversity Nights are instrumental in promoting cultural unity, and Christian is already planning the next event, scheduled for Jan. 15 at 5:00 p.m..

“I’m looking to expand the depth of what we present, so that people can become even more culturally aware,” she said. “Hopefully, these events will foster more genuine discussion about culturally sensitive issues and concern.”

By Sam Marcotte ’15 and Alina Fischer ’16

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