Celebrating Our Awesome Teachers

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, offering students a chance to offer thanks to faculty and staff.

I came here in eighth grade and as a senior reflecting on my time here, I feel fortunate to have had many great teachers. I formed especially close bonds with teachers in the humanities and languages, my favorite subjects.

In ninth grade, I started taking Spanish and French and found a new home in May Hall, with teachers incredibly enthusiastic about all things language. From funny moments in French class with Diana Scharrer to talking with Mirna Goldberger about Spanish literature, exciting, fun and memorable best describe my learning experience here.

Others have equally fond memories. Ned Manus ’16 recalls his tutoring sessions with Science teacher Jill Iuliano. “She is so calm and therapeutic, and her approach makes the numbers make sense,” he says.

Lexy Hogan ’16 enjoys AP English Literature with Kenley Smith. She has “tons of  knowledge of different authors,” Hogan says, adding that class discussions connect the books read in class to the real world, which helps to make the learning more interesting, relevant and enjoyable. 

Some of the best teachers help students improve in a subject which they feel otherwise disengaged or unable to succeed in. Tizzy Picken ’15 speaks highly of Kathryn Lee, who helped her improve in Photography. “Because of Mrs. Lee’s patience, I did very well on my final project as a result.”

Students aren’t the only ones who feel appreciative of teachers. Earlier today, the Parents’ Association sponsored its annual lunch for staff and faculty. “It’s nice to just take a pause from our busy school days to celebrate the teachers and staff who make the School such a wonderful environment for our children,” says Chair of Staff Appreciation Day Paulette Adams, mother of sixth grader Ana Adams.

With everything going on during the day, it’s understandable that we don’t always have time to says thanks for the sacrifices that teachers make on our behalf. Let’s celebrate today in honor of Brimmer’s terrific faculty and staff. I know I am. 

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