Spring Sports Award Winners

Varsity Boys’ Tennis

Most Valuable Player – Olivier Khorasani
Most Improved Player – Niek van Dam
Most Improved Player – Joe Ridley Thaler
Coach’s Award – Nate Friedman

Varsity Girls’ Tennis
Most Valuable Player – Caroline Champa
Most Valuable Player – Caroline Ellervik
Most Improved Player – Michelle Levinger
Coach’s Award – Libby Foley

Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse
Most Valuable Player – Sarah Smith
Most Improved Player – Hannah Ahearn
Most Improved Player – Sade Latinwo
Coach’s Award – Regina Carey
Coach’s Award – Zia Angell

Varisty Boys’ Lacrosse
Most Valuable Player – Tyler Best
Most Valuable Player – Liam Johansson
Most Improved Player – Charlie Li
Coach’s Award – Dashaun Simon
Coach’s Award – Jared Heller

Varsity Softball
Most Valuable Player – Kate Delaney
Most Improved Player – Alison Gill
Coach’s Award – Enna Spivak

Varsity Baseball
Most Valuable Player – Grant Iuliano
Most Valuable Player – Jacob Quiles
Coach’s Award – Matt Hastings
Most Improved Player – Ethan Eastwood

Ultimate Frisbee
Coach’s Award – Sean Lee

Middle School Baseball
Sportsmanship Award – Stephen Moreno Jimenez
Most Improved Player – Samil Battenfield
Most Improved Player – Sammy Lapat
Coach’s Award – Roberto Morassi del Blanco

Middle School Softball
Sportsmanship Award – Megan Stander
Most Improved Player – Kelly Rimas
Coach’s Award – Isabella Laine

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