Fall Chess Tournament Kicks Off Next Week

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org.

The first chess tournament of the year, an increasingly popular event that brings together students and teachers alike, will kick off next week.

The tournament, which began three years ago by History teacher Ted Barker-Hook, is open to anyone in the Middle and Upper Schools. Players from all skill levels are encouraged to compete.

The tournament fosters relationships between students and teachers alike, while offering players a chance to engage in healthy competition and interact with others — some of whom may not find a time or chance to do so during the regular school day.

“Chess is a great way to bring people together for an intellectual pursuit,” says Humanities Department Co-Chair Donald Reese, who is hosting the tournament.

Ethan Eastwood ’18, who is eager to participate in the upcoming tournament, echoed Reese’s sentiments. “The tournament unites students and teachers, and it’s fun getting to know each other outside of class,” he said.

Anyone who is interested should email Reese before the end this week. The first match is set to take place Monday.

Editors’ note: Ethan Eastwood is a member of The Gator staff. 

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