Administrators Extol All-School Events

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Despite the rainy and chilly weather, last Friday, the community rejoiced in the gym for Harvest Fest, an annual and highly anticipated event.

Lower schoolers teamed up with Middle and Upper students, decorating pumpkins with vegetables and garden clippings as they enjoyed pop music and dancing, along with popcorn and apple cider.

“The purpose of this event is to bring us together as a community,” said Dean of Students Paul Murray. “It’s nice when we have these times to break down boundaries, to kind of stop for a second, come together, have some fun, and be together and enjoy each other’s company.

Middle School Head Carl Rapisarda-Valley echoed Murray’s sentiment. “I think this is an occasion where we can get the whole school together,” he said. “Although we can’t do it all the time, when we do it, it is really a nice reminder of the amazing community that we are a part of.”

Harvest Fest is also an opportunity for older students to serve as role models for their younger peers, Rapisarda-Valley said.

“Harvest Fest is a great time to unite the entire School. It is not often that all three divisions come together for a single event, so I think it is a very special time for everyone,” Upper School Senate President Sararh Smith ’17.

For his part, Lower School Head Thomas Fuller said his students love creating decorations for the fall season. “They especially like working with Middle and Upper School students, and they really look forward to getting together with their older buddies.”

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