Student Art Published in Magazine

Five art students will have their work published in the 2016 winter edition of The Marble Collection, a print and digital art magazine that is created by and for high schoolers in Massachusetts.

Enna Spivak.png

Enna Spivak ’17, Stairway to Nowhere


Sammy Vingers ’17, Hollow

Sara Silmi.jpg

Sara Silmi ’16, Thomas

Austin Camiel.jpg

Austin Camiel ’16, Sacrilegious


Jacob Quiles ’16, Cool Down

Each year, the magazine receives roughly 600 different entries. Traditionally, Brimmer students shine with having art featured in the magazine. Alina Fischer ’16 and Alison Gill  had their work published in the 2016 spring edition.

Sammy Vingers ’17 received inspiration for her piece, Hollow, from art teacher Kathryn Lee. “She told us to take a camera and a lamp and put the lamp on the skeleton and take photos of what you see,” Vingers aid. “I decided that I wanted to take a photo of an angle of the body that gave off a sad impression, since the drawing was to be done in charcoal. I like that my piece has feeling and emotion in it. I’m proud that I was able to capture such an extreme feeling based off of lights and angling it correctly.”

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