Outdoor Ed Treks Snowy Mountains

Last month, the most recent outdoor education trip to New Hampshire’s White Mountains proved to be worth the slight lack of sleep.

We arose at about 7:30 a.m. and left for the hike at around 8:15 a.m. Due to some ice conditions on the trail, we had to alter our course a bit to a trail four miles down the road. We hopped in the Mellow and took the short trip to the trail ahead. Once we arrived, we divided up the food for the next two days into our packs. Final checks were made with everyone’s gear, and we headed to the Carter Notch Hut.

The hike took about four hours. We arrived at the hut around 1 p.m. Once there, we decided we weren’t done for the day. The plan was to hike halfway up Carter Dome, make mac-and-cheese with our small cooker, and hike up the rest. The conditions were cold and windy, which made it tough for us to get the water boiling. Our fingers and feet slowly started to get numb from the cold. We drink hot water to warm up, and we hiked back down so we could make it back to the hut for dinner.

Dinner was cramped in the kitchen, crowded with other hikers who were staying in the hut. After scrambling for clean pots and pans, we made delicious pasta with red sauce. After a long day of hiking in the cold, it felt good to eat something hot and steamy. After dinner, we spent a little chill time in the common room before heading back to the bunks for sleep.

I arose eager for more hiking, and about half of the group trekked Wildcat Mountain. The conditions were snowy and icy, but we handled it well. We made it to the top in great time, where we looked out into the clouds, blocking what I’m sure would have been an even more magnificent view. We hiked back down to the hut, carefully to avoid slipping and falling on the ice.

The hike back to the Mellow was relaxing, but it was even more relaxing to finally sit back and relax on the ride home.

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