Coffee House Attracts Record Crowd

Largely spearheaded by teachers Bill Jacob and Ted Barker-Hook, Wednesday night, a record number of community members, over 100, attended the 13th Annual Coffee House in the dining hall to catch up with friends, relax, and enjoy 22 artistic performances.

The event, which began with just a handful of alumni in attendance, has grown considerably since its first year.

“It has definitely become more of a popular event than it used to be,” said Jacob, who in part attributes this to increased middle school representation. “I was also pleased to see we had parents attend who didn’t have kids performing. The event has always been a hit with recent graduates, and that’s really a nice thing.”

Accompanied by her older brother on the guitar, Bella Lepore ’18 performed a theatrical rendition of Stronger Than Me by Amy Winehouse. With a powerful voice, Luke Moskowitz ’21 performed a version of Hallelujah. Recent graduate Tony Ni ’16, accompanied by former band teacher Landon Rose on guitar, performed I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston.

Wednesday also marked the final time that the Coffee House will take place in the existing dining hall. With the event’s growing popularity, it looks like the new, larger cafeteria will be most welcome.

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