Community Celebrates Teachers

Even the snowy weather couldn’t stop the community from celebrating the School’s Teacher Appreciation Day.

To show their appreciation, the Parents’ Association ordered from Baker’s Best — a teacher favorite. Parents also decorated the teachers’ lounge with balloons and flowers. To top things off, teachers also received gift cards to various stores.

“I’ve been doing this for about 5 years now,” says Paulette Adams (P ’22), who helped organize the event. “This day is really about showing our appreciation to the teachers and being grateful for all they do for our kids.”

“This is the one day we can really show our appreciation to the staff and the faculty,” says Roslyn Pedlar (P ’18). “We really like being able to show our appreciation and having teachers know how thankful we are for their dedication to our children and the School.”

Parents aren’t the only ones who feel appreciative.

“I’m really grateful for my English teacher Ms. Smith,” says Sarah Smith ’17. “I was really nervous to take AP Literature, but its turned out to be one of my favorite classes because Ms. Smith really cares for her students and prepares them for college.”

“I really appreciate my advisor, Mr. Murray,” says Emma Hastings ’19. “He’s almost like a therapist at times, and I am really grateful that he’s here at Brimmer. He is also a great softball coach.”

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