Students Thrilled by Pats Historic Win


Cartoon by Michelle Levinger ’19.

Houston, we have a comeback!

With a thrilling 34-28 overtime win over the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, February 5, the New England Patriots pulled off the biggest Super Bowl comeback in history

The game began with a scoreless first quarter, contrary to the shootout many experts had anticipated. But with three successive scoring drives, the Falcons came out strong in the second quarter.

Ahead by 21 points, no team in Super Bowl history had ever come back from such a big deficit. The Patriots managed to put three points on the scoreboard with a field goal by Gostkowski, but went into halftime trailing 21-3.

Against all odds, the Patriots fought back to take the game to overtime, where Tom Brady marched his offense for a touchdown, winning a fifth Vince Lombardi trophy.

In so doing, Brady set a new record for number of Super Bowl wins by a quarterback, while Bill Belichick destroyed any lingering doubt that he is the best NFL head coach of all time.

In fact, Brimmer students are calling this the greatest Super Bowl ever.

After the Falcons extended their lead, several students decided to leave early from Jack Donnelly’s ’18 Super Bowl party, convinced that the Patriots would lose. “At halftime, we weren’t feeling good about where it was going,” Donnelly said.

Kaitlyn Celi ’17 felt more optimistic, however, saying that she “never doubted that the Pats would come back.”

For Lachlan Davidson ’17, watching the Super Bowl “was such a roller-coaster.” He stopped watching after the Falcons went up 28-3. Later on, when his brother told him that about the tied-up game, both started jumping up and down.

Safi Aziz ’17 said he was “very surprised” by the Patriots Super Bowl win. He almost went to bed instead of watching the second half.

-Video by Noa Schabes ’17

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