Vallely Introduces ‘Hats Off for Kindness’

To support an important cause, last Thursday, Middle and Upper School students celebrated “Hats Off for Kindness” day.   

After hearing about the initiative happening at schools around America, Middle School Head Carl Vallely introduced the concept to the community. After speaking with Upper School Head Joshua Neudel, both divisions decided to participate.

Middle School Head Carl Valley. (Gator file photo)

I think that where we are as our society right now,  kindness is especially important,” Valley said.

Vallely said he is pleased about how the event went, but that next year he expects even more participation.

“Every year it will be more part of our community and our culture,” Vallely said.

“It’s good to remind people about the importance of kindness,” said Caiti Cullen ’19. “We’re a pretty kind community, but especially today, it’s important to show that kindness matters.”



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