School Hosts SISAL Art Awards

For the first time, the School hosted the SISAL art awards, showcasing the best artwork from students at small, independent New England schools.  

SISAL, the Small Independent School Art League, sponsors a yearly exhibition and ceremony. 

From the 16 competing schools, 600 pieces of artwork were displayed throughout Innovation Space and the halls of the Chase Building. Each piece received a name tag and an award of first place, second place, third place, or honorable mention. 

11 students Middle and Upper School students one awards. The Middle School winners were:

Annie Ganem – 1st Place in Drawing for “Ironic”

Alison Rimas – 2nd Place in Mixed Media for “Papel Amate”

Sophia Spring – 3rd Place in Digital Art for “Poverty Poster”

Sayde Cheever – 3rd Place in Photography for “Escalator”

Anna Laine – 1st Place in Printmaking for “Monoprint”

Madeline Hsiao – Honorable Mention for “Quipu Print”


The Upper School winners from were:

Sofia Coronado – Honorable Mention in Drawing for “Squeeze”

Megan Stander – 2nd Place in Digital Design for “Reverie”

Stone McLaren – 3rd Place in Digital Design for “Loud”

Matthew Ayers – Honorable Mention in Digital Design for “Luminous”

Megan Stander – 3rd Place in Sculpture for “Fleur de lis”

“I think that it was a really important event for us to host for a variety of reasons. For one, I think that the level of work our students were exposed to was really inspiring for students that were in art classes. I think that’s really exciting, to see what kids their own age are doing in other schools. Our hallways are covered with art all the time, but to have our spaces filled to that extent was like living in a museum. I also think that it brought the community together. I was up in the Innovation Space when the Lower School students came to draw pictures of the artwork. I am so proud of all of our artists, and being selected to be in the show is an honor because we can only submit a certain number of pieces. To have received many awards is very validating to the creativity, hard work, commitment, and dedication our students give to their passions and talents. I don’t know if this is something we will host again for awhile, probably not for another 10 years or so. Our entire community will now know what it means to be a SISAL award winner. The honor of winning the award will now be in context for the rest of the community. — Director of Middle and Upper School Visual Arts Kathryn Lee

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