‘Tom Jones’ Cast Reflects on Highlights


The Gator sat down with several cast members from School’s recent production of Tom Jones, which ran November 8, 9, and 10.

ELIAS KAZIN ’20 AS TOM JONES: “The performances all went really well. All the actors tried very hard and it showed on stage. Everyone did an awesome job throughout the play. My favorite part was the scene when Cora Williams ’20, who played Jenny Jones, had an eating scene. It was really funny and got a great reaction from the audience. One thing I would change would be that more people should have come—they definitely would have enjoyed the show.” Photo by David Barron.


LIBBY FOLEY ’20 AS SOPHIA WESTERN: “I thought that the play went very well, and I was really proud of the cast and how we progressed throughout the entire process. However, the turn out could have been higher.” Photo by David Barron.


CARA RITTNER ’19 AS MOLLY SEAGRAM: “The show itself was really successful and it was really funny. The audience just gave a lot of energy and you could just feel the electricity both from an actors standpoint and an audience standpoint.” Photo by David Barron.



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