Fashion Flash: Steven Ramsden ’19


What do you think about when picking out your outfit for the day?

First, I think about the weather because it all depends on how cold or hot it is. My outfit also really depends on how I am feeling that day.

What is your favorite article of clothing?

Shoes because they make the fit, overall. Every time I don’t feel as confident about my outfit, I can count on my shoes to put it all together.

What stores do you like to shop at?

I like Pacsun, Jordan, Nike, Kappa, Gucci, and Off-White.

What does your sense of style reflect on you as a person if it does?

My style reflects on me as a vibrant person. I like to think I’m out there and not just like anyone else. 

Are you able to dress easily everyday without thinking about the dress code?

The dress code really effects what I am able to wear in school because a very good amount of my clothes are pieces that I can wear everywhere but school. I could dress professionally with ripped jeans, but the dress code restricts me from expressing myself in that way.

Do you prefer online shopping or street shopping?

I like to shop in person because I like to feel and see what everything looks like in person. Online shopping doesn’t do it justice.

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