GNN Live: Global Studies, Beyond Brimmer

Six alumni returned last Wednesday to discuss how their time here inspired their studies, travel, and work beyond graduation: Megan Richardson ’09, Molly Tobin ’09, Priya Partridge ’10, Sam Girioni ’15, Owen Meredith ‘16, and Allison Gill ’16.

The alumni addressed questions about their experience with the Global Studies Diploma Program, Winterim, and the overall quality of education here.

Tobin is now Director of Special Projects for Israel’s ambassador to the United States  at the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C. Priya spent a semester studying abroad in Ireland, and after college she climbed Kilimanjaro. Priya now works to improve healthcare for the Department of Veteran Affairs.

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  1. Thank you very much for streaming this event. I am an alum and trustee who lives permanently in Switzerland and I am so proud of Brimmer’s Global Education programs. Thanks again, Leslie Stimmel Guggiari ’73

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