Students Share Thoughts on COVID-19 Testing


Gator file photo.

Nico Jaffer, Sports Editor

With an extended Thanksgiving break and COVID-19 testing set to occur before returning to campus, the School is taking additional safety precautions to keep the community safe.

Many families have considered the idea of going on a vacation for Thanksgiving Break, and while some may think it’s a nice, relaxing trip, others may consider it risky as well.

In normal years, families often travel to be together for the holiday. However, being exposed to a new environment and large gatherings of people put individuals at risk of getting the virus. With that in mind, the School has encouraged families to keep their gatherings and travel plans limited this year.

Additionally, the School is requiring students to be tested for COVID-19 before returning to campus after the break. On November 30, testing will be free and available to students on campus, but no classes will take place during the day.

Classes will be held remotely the following day. Assuming negative results are returned Tuesday evening, the School plans to continue with the current hybrid model until the winter break.

Students who do not get tested on the designated day will be asked to quarantine for 14 days or return a negative PCR test before returning to campus.

Since the beginning of the year, faculty and staff have been tested on a rotating basis as a precautionary measure, but this is the first time many students will be tested.

To gain insight into the student perspective, The Gator spoke to a handful of students for their take on being tested.

Leah Bell ’22: I think it’s a good idea. I will be getting the test that Brimmer provides. I think it will make everyone feel safer.

Zakkai Mares-Van Praag ’22: Brimmer needs to do whatever possible to keep us all safe. The administration has kept the students in mind thus far, and during these difficult times, I’m confident they’ll continue to do so with these COVID tests and moving forward.

Zoe Kaplan ’21:  I feel lucky that I am able to get tested through Brimmer. Most people do not have the opportunity to get tested at their school, and I think the plan for after the tests are given makes sense. Everything can change in an instant this year, and I think Brimmer understands that.

Daniel Murray ’23: I think it is a thoughtful and measured decision that will ultimately lead to a safer school environment for all the students that physically attend.

Marlie Kass ’23: I’m glad that Brimmer is providing us with COVID tests after break. I think it’s a good way to check that everyone is safe after a week away, and it’ll just be a good checkpoint as we go in to finish the semester. I’m honestly a little nervous, as I’ve never been tested before, but I trust Brimmer. If it’s to keep the community safe, I know it’s worth it.