Ending Quarter One on a Positive Note

Zakkai Mares-Van Praag, Journalist

What are you most proud of so far this year?

It has been a stressful quarter at times, but this year has been wildly successful for individual students as well as our School community. The Gator asked a variety of Upper School students and faculty members one simple question: what are they most proud of from the year thus far? Here are some of their answers.

I am proud of…

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  • “Finishing my college applications on time.” — Neel Kumar ’22

  • “The fact that the play is going very well. I’m really happy to be part of it” — Ugo Adiele ’23

  • “Playing as a starter for the senior night soccer game. I always sat on the bench before, and was really proud to be a starter.” — Kai Wen ’22

  • “Keeping up my grades.” — Conno Wagner ’25

  • “The way the community has embraced being together again, in the classroom and extracurriculars. Everyone seems really happy to be together and support each other.” — Kenley Smith

  • “Being part of the band. I am proud of all it has been able to do this year.” — Kyle Terino ’24

  • “How I was able to get right back into school after a year of concurrent learning. It was challenging at first, but I was able to manage my social life as well as my academic life.” — Jerry Dong ’23

  • “The fact that there are a lot more students coming to the writing center this year.” — Donald Reese

  • “Getting a golden shoe [an award the captains give to exemplary runners] in cross country.” — Enyi Adiele ’24

  • “Being a part of the CAP program this year. I am glad we’ve gotten to go to in-person shows.” — Martin Maynard ’22

  • “The field hockey team for sticking together and improving throughout the season, and beating Montrose 4-0!” — Maggie Clifford ’24

  • “Adjusting to high school well from such a weird place last year.” — Eli Lewis ’25

  • Director of Upper School Student Life Dona Rehm-Robles. Gator file photo

  • “The kitchen staff and their constant providing of food for us that is delicious and nutritious.” — Bharath Palanisamy ‘24

  • “Continually recovering through my surgery.” — Leah Bell ’22

  • “Being able to come together after COVID and get our school spirit back up!” — Sylvia Tejada ’23

  • “The middle school gardening club and these awesome radishes we grew.” — Jared Smith

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