Ending Quarter One on a Positive Note

Zakkai Mares-Van Praag, Journalist

What are you most proud of so far this year?

It has been a stressful quarter at times, but this year has been wildly successful for individual students as well as our School community. The Gator asked a variety of Upper School students and faculty members one simple question: what are they most proud of from the year thus far? Here are some of their answers.

I am proud of…

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  • “Finishing my college applications on time.” — Neel Kumar ’22

  • “The fact that the play is going very well. I’m really happy to be part of it” — Ugo Adiele ’23

  • “Playing as a starter for the senior night soccer game. I always sat on the bench before, and was really proud to be a starter.” — Kai Wen ’22

  • “Keeping up my grades.” — Conno Wagner ’25

  • “The way the community has embraced being together again, in the classroom and extracurriculars. Everyone seems really happy to be together and support each other.” — Kenley Smith

  • “Being part of the band. I am proud of all it has been able to do this year.” — Kyle Terino ’24

  • “How I was able to get right back into school after a year of concurrent learning. It was challenging at first, but I was able to manage my social life as well as my academic life.” — Jerry Dong ’23

  • “The fact that there are a lot more students coming to the writing center this year.” — Donald Reese

  • “Getting a golden shoe [an award the captains give to exemplary runners] in cross country.” — Enyi Adiele ’24

  • “Being a part of the CAP program this year. I am glad we’ve gotten to go to in-person shows.” — Martin Maynard ’22

  • “The field hockey team for sticking together and improving throughout the season, and beating Montrose 4-0!” — Maggie Clifford ’24

  • “Adjusting to high school well from such a weird place last year.” — Eli Lewis ’25

  • “The Gator Aide program getting up and running, our cross country team finishing the season with most of our runners healthy, and the senior class making it to this point in the year in terms of college applications!” – Dona Rehm

  • “The kitchen staff and their constant providing of food for us that is delicious and nutritious.” — Bharath Palanisamy ‘24

  • “Continually recovering through my surgery.” — Leah Bell ’22

  • “Being able to come together after COVID and get our school spirit back up!” — Sylvia Tejada ’23

  • “The middle school gardening club and these awesome radishes we grew.” — Jared Smith

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