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Quiz: Where Do Students Hang Out at School?

Where do the students hang out at school?

Poll: Where do you hang out at School?


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Here is a where students come to learn, have fun, and make memories. But where do the majority of people hang out during their free time?

Seniors get their own lounge, but where does the rest of the Upper School go during free periods?

Freshman have assigned rooms for study halls, but the rest of the Upper School have free roam. Moreover, seniors can leave campus during frees and beginning after winter break, juniors can leave campus after 1:40 p.m.. 

The library is a great place to do homework and read books. While it is not the best place to socialize, it’s still a great spot to hang. It’s also filled with comfortable seating.

The dining commons is an excellent place to relax, complete work, and interact with others. However, it can become noisy as the kitchen staff prepares lunch. It’s unavailable from 10:50 a.m. to 1:40 p.m.

Empty classrooms offer a great atmosphere for studying, working on projects, or simply hanging out with friends. However, the challenge lies in finding an available classroom during the day.

The Innovation Space is a good place to study, though it can get loud at times. While there are study rooms available, they are often occupied. Additionally, there’s a landing outside the building on the second floor where many juniors hang out, but it’s only suitable when the weather is favorable.

The solarium is also an excellent place study and talk with peers. 

“I like to go into the private study rooms upstairs because they are private and secluded,” Charlotte Wolfstich ’26 said.

“The Math Lab is the quietest place you can find,” Lucas Williams ’25 said.

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