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Rebooted Peer Tutoring Program Thrives

Mckinlee DePaola
Lucas Williams ’25 tutors 7th graders Lila Saghbini and Ben Weaver in math.

Three months ago, Eli Lewis ’25 and Conno Wagner ’25 breathed new life into the Peer Tutoring Program, which remains robust and active as midterm exams approach.

“I think the program is great,” Anna Lull ’25 said. “I feel more comfortable with a student helping me because they are most likely one of my friends, or someone I interact with more than a teacher.  Sometimes, when a student explains something it’s easier to understand.”

Nestled within the Learning Center, this program has become a hub of activity, drawing in numerous students seeking additional academic support.

“It’s easier to talk to peers as opposed to a teacher,” Julian Park ’24 said, who enjoys getting extra help in computer science. “It’s a little less serious, but you still get the same amount of support.”

Adelay Panto ’27 agrees.

“The Peer Tutoring Program is very helpful,” Panto said. “It helps me improve my Spanish skills and I learn from someone who had the same teacher and knows what they expect. I get time to go over homework or study for upcoming tests. Overall, it’s is very useful and can help any student in any class.”

Lewis and Wagner’s efforts have been met with significant demand, prompting them to recruit a robust team of 23 peer tutors. This expansion underscores the program’s vital role in the academic landscape.

“It’s a really easy way for students to get a little bit of extra help when they need it,” Lewis said. “They can just drop in and get help with homework. It’s a good way to get over small roadblocks—and I’m glad that it’s been a success.”

Wagner echoes Lewis’ sentiments.

“My favorite aspect of the Peer Tutoring Program is witnessing the learning process during tutoring sessions,” Wagner said. “Whether I’m the tutor or observing others, it’s great to see students grasp new concepts. It’s also rewarding to know that our hard work is making a positive impact on their education.”

Stan Swartz, who approves peer tutoring hours for community service credit, is impressed by the program’s organization and leadership. He has also enjoyed getting to know the students.

“I’ve gotten to know the peer tutors and their personalities, and understand more about who they are as students and as contributors to the program,” Swartz said.

Peer Tutor Polly Zimmerman ’25 loves helping others in English, history, science and French.

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“I love helping people and being able to use my skills to improve their learning experiences,” Zimmerman said. “I’ve also been able to get community service hours, while improving my own skills in order to be more confident in what I’m helping with.”

Stephanie Altschul ’25, who tutors in math, English, writing, Spanish, and various sciences, feels similarly.

“It makes me really happy to be able to impart my love of learning onto younger kids, and learn from them as well,” Altschul said. “I think the program is a vital part of the Brimmer community, and I encourage others to join if they would like to help others succeed academically.”

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