Takeaways From V. 1 Basketball’s Historic Season

Takeaways From V. 1 Basketballs Historic Season

As the final buzzer of our Varsity 1 basketball season echoed, it marked not just the end of a journey, but the beginning of a reflection on the profound lessons and unforgettable experiences it bestowed upon me.

Varsity 1 played a rigorous schedule this year, participating in the New England Basketball League, which consisted of teams such as Putnam Science, New Hampton, and Bradford Christian. We also continued to compete in the NEPSAC AA, one of New England’s most competitive leagues.

I am already filled with anticipation for the next year, eager to build on this year’s foundations.

As a new student here, stepping into this intense and competitive arena was a thrilling leap. The immediate escalation in competition and schedule intensity was palpable, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead. Our journey commenced in early September, with open gyms held 3-4 times a week to showcase our talent to visiting college coaches and scouts, and participation in the Beantown Slam fall league brought us face-to-face with area teams weekly.

Unfortunately, an injury in late September forced me to the sidelines for the fall and early season. Yet, this setback didn’t dampen my spirit or my involvement; I attended every session and game, fully immersing myself in the team dynamics as though I was still playing.

The dedication to V1 basketball here meant significant personal time sacrifices. However, from long travels to events like the Zero Gravity Prep Classic at Dana Barros, Worcester, Vermont, and the St. Andrews Holiday Classic overnight trip, were integral to bonding. They turned us into a closely-knit unit, enriching my first-year experience with memorable adventures.

Practice was our foundation, where weekends were devoted to honing our skills through consistent drills, team yoga, and strength training. Despite the repetition, these practices were crucial for instilling fundamental skills and a competitive ethos, as emphasized by our coach, Tom.

Our underdog triumph as the 7th seed in the playoffs, overcoming formidable opponents in Cushing and Winchendon, led us to the Nepsac AA finals—a first in school history. Although we were ultimately bested by Bradford Christian Academy, the journey underscored our resilience and collective achievement.

This season was immensely instructional. Embracing a relentless, team-first approach was a game-changer. Being prepared to leverage one’s abilities for the team’s benefit, and valuing the moments shared with teammates, were lessons that resonated deeply. These experiences, from the camaraderie on bus rides and team meals to the rigor of practice, have been indelibly imprinted on my memory.

Coming here and playing basketball has been an exhilarating introduction to high school sports. I am already filled with anticipation for the next year, eager to build on this year’s foundations.

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