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Op-Ed: Stop Romanticizing LGBTQ+ Relationships

Grace Papas examines LBGTQ+ relationships. Photo purchased from
Grace Papas, Writer January 14, 2021
We need to build conversations around making queer people feel safe and confident—no matter their relationship status.

Op-Ed: Skiing During COVID-19

A view of Loon Mountain. Photo by Karly Hamilton '21.
Kate Hirschen, Writer January 13, 2021
Skiers and snowboarders often wear face coverings for warmth, so the implementation of masks does not hugely impact the experience.

Op-Ed: Breaking The Ballet Body Taboo

Kozhemiakin has been dancing since age four. Photo courtesy of Michal Kathleen.
Natalie Kozhemiakin, Writer January 13, 2021
The notorious ideals of the ballet world are everywhere you go, and there is an unhealthy standard of a skeletal figure that encapsulates its culture.

Op-Ed: Giving Back to The Jimmy Fund

Op-Ed: Giving Back to The Jimmy Fund
Zoe Kaplan, Senior Writer January 11, 2021
This year has put a lot of things into perspective, and I want to give back to The Jimmy Fund.

Op-Ed: Complacency Is Harmful Under Biden Administration

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice Preisdnet-elect Kamala Harris during a 2019 campaign rally. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Kolja Westhues, Writer January 8, 2021
People need to hold their elected officials accountable, including President-Elect Joe Biden.

Op-Ed: My Greek New Years

An orange cake that Papas's grandmother and her housekeeper made. Photo courtesy of Grace Papas.
Grace Papas, Writer January 8, 2021
My family celebrates the new year with traditions that are special to my Greek heritage.

Op-Ed: Teaching and learning amid false claims of voter fraud

Photo illustration purchased from
Karly Hamilton and David Cutler January 7, 2021
Disagreement can be civil. I know because I often have views contrary to those of my classmates, and we can communicate and listen to each other with respect and open-mindedness.

GNN: Gator Editor-in-Chief Urges Calm and Civil Discourse

GNN: Gator Editor-in-Chief Urges Calm and Civil Discourse
Gator Nation News January 7, 2021
More than ever, it's important to engage in civil discourse.

Op-Ed: Reflecting on an Extraordinary Hurricane Season

Hurricane Delta and Tropical Storm Gamma in October 2020. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Michael Young, Writer December 18, 2020
The active hurricane season is one of many reasons why 2020 will be memorable.

How COVID-19 Hurt Professional Sports

Basketball going through the basket at a sports arena (intentional spotlight)
Nico Jaffer and Evan Michaeli December 14, 2020
While I love watching sports, nobody's life should be at stake.

Op-Ed: I’m a Conservative (There, I Said It)

Photo illustration of a woman making a
Karly Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief December 9, 2020
Unfortunately, I have found myself faced with situations where, as a young conservative, I do not feel safe voicing my opinion.

Op-Ed: The Dying State of Private School Media

David Cutler presents about the lack of private school journalism at the 2019 Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Photo courtesy of The Feather Online.
David Cutler, Adviser December 9, 2020
David Cutler seeks to help other private schools honor their mission statements by supporting student voice.
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