Jacob Wins Prestigious Award for Sumner Partnership


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Sumner School students perform in the fall Upper School production of ‘Candide.’ Photo by Bill Jacob.

Sumner School students perform in the fall Upper School production of ‘Candide.’ Photo courtesy Bill Jacob.

Creative Arts Department Chair Bill Jacob recently received the prestigious “Outstanding Community Arts Education Collaborative—Mixed Media” award from Arts|Learning’s Networking and Advocacy Group, in collaboration with the Charles Sumner Elementary School in Roslindale.

The award honors organizations and individuals who have developed model arts collaborative programs between school and community cultural resources.

Recipients show evidence of “superior teaching and interdisciplinary planning, professional involvement and leadership beyond the classroom, incorporation of arts into local educational reform efforts,” the award reads in part.

The collaboration kicked off in 2004, when Arts|Learning came to Brimmer with the idea or paring private and public school students to support and advocate for quality arts education.

In the partnership’s earlier years, Brimmer participated a few times per semester as an after-school program. However, with the creation of the Creative Arts Diploma Program (CAP) in 2008, the School began traveling to Sumner on a weekly basis.

Jacob says that he was “delighted to receive the award,” adding that he believes that there is no other program quite like it—anywhere.

“It provides a real teaching experience for CAP students and valuable arts experiences for countless public school children,” Jacob says. “This all creates a sense of community for the older and younger children.”

Laura Lopez ’19, a Sumner alumna, was involved in one of the first Brimmer theatrical productions that included Sumner students, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2010.

“The Brimmer students really welcomed us and made sure we really knew what we were doing, even though we were much younger.”

Jacob shares the honor with Jeanette Pizarro, who coordinates the partnership at Sumner. Both will be recognized at the Annual Champions of the Arts Advocacy Awards Ceremony Wednesday, May 31, 6:30 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Westborough.