Coffee House Fosters Community


Produced By Susanna Calhoun ’15

The 11th Annual Coffee House was held in the Corkin dining hall earlier this month, where roughly 50 people came to see around 20 students and faculty share their music and artistic talents. The fun, laid back setting brings together not just students and teachers, but also alumni to enjoy food and live performances.

The event was organized by Upper School Arts Chair Bill Jacob and history teacher Ted Barker-Hook, with assistance from music teacher Landon Rose.

“The Coffee House is a terrific venue for the community to come together and celebrate the musical and poetic talents of our students, past and present,” said Jacob. “It’s a low-key, welcoming environment, complete with food and drink and friends new and old. We are pleased that the Coffee House has been operating for 11 consecutive years, and we look forward to many more.

Faculty performers included Landon Rose, Donald Reese, Andrew Ferrara, and Jan Sidebotham. Students performers included Evan Palmer ’15, Tony Evans ’16, Kyle Anderson ’15, Ava Gruber ’18, Gen Lefevre ’15, Claudia Slifka ’16, Yasmeen Logan ’15, Mia Kundert ’17, Susanna Calhoun ’15, Sam Girioni ’15, Catherine Leeder ’20, Elizabeth Leeder ’15, Jalen Latimer ’17. The event also had a special guest performance by Barker-Hook and his family.

“The Coffee House is one of my favorite events of the year,” said Calhoun, who performed a song with Lefevre. “We are so lucky that Brimmer and May offers such a special event.”

At his fourth Coffee House, Girioni performed Superman by the band Five for Fighting. “I really like the vibe. It’s  great for students, teachers, and alumni to get together in a very casual atmosphere.”

– Story by Diane Lee ’15