Students Offer Super Bowl Predictions

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If there is an Eagles fan in the community, we can’t find one.

Based on our sampling, the vast majority (if not all) of the community is behind the Patriots, as the team competes for its sixth Super Bowl win this Sunday in Minnesota. To pump up the excitement even more, check out this story below from former Editor-in-Chief AJ Naddaff ’14, posted after the big win in 2014.

“I think the Patriots will win the Super Bowl because the coaching staff had two weeks to prepare for the Eagles. Good things are going to come out of this game for them.” -Sujay Jain ’20
I believe that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl because Tom Brady is having a really good year. – Sarah Dean ’20
The Pats are going to win because they are always the most controlled, prepared and well coached. They have been here many times and are very used to the environment, whereas the Eagles, not so much. – Jared Heller ’19
I think the Patriots will win the Super Bowl because they’re a just a better team, and they have more experience. -Quinton Nsamba ’21
I think that the Pats will win the Super Bowl because they are best team in the NFL and Boston is Title Town. Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T, there’s no argument. – Dylan Rygol ’18