Athletes Share Thoughts on Season

Athletes Share Thoughts on Season
“I think we are showing a lot of people that we can compete in this tough league. ” — Dylan Rigol ’19, Varsity Basketball 1 (Photo by David Barron)
Each time  we step on the court we give it our all.”  AJ Reeves 18, Varsity Basketball 1  (Photo by David Barron)
“The teamsimprovementthroughout the year has been great. We have improved on executing our plays and our defense.”  – Breanna Durand 20, Varsity Basketball (Photo by David Barron)
“Unfortunately, we have lost many of our games, but we hope to win more and our spirits are high. — Amy Nwachukwu ’18, Varsity Basketball  (Photo by David Barron)
Every player has more confidence in their own game since the start of the season” — Michael Hastings ’18, Varsity Basketball 2 (Photo by David Barron)  
“We can make a run at playoffs if we play more as a team.”  — OliverKhorasani ’20, Varsity Basketball 2 (Photo by David Barron)