Students Weigh In on Winterim Trips


With teachers and administrators beginning to think about proposals for next year’s Winterim program, students share their thoughts on where in the world they might enjoy visiting next March. To help foster interesting ideas, enjoy last year’s Winterim highlights video above.

“Paris or France would be cool.  Italy would also be really interesting.” – Dessie Bell Kamen ’20 (Gator file photo)
“Maybe Belize, Spain, Australia, Ireland, or Japan.” – Sarah Scott ’22 (Gator file photo)
“Anywhere in Europe or Japan.” – Zaria Ginsberg ’22 (Gator file photo)
“It would be nice to have trips to new places, such as last year’s Cuba trip.” – TC Ye ’19 (Gator file photo)
“India or somewhere in Africa would be cool. I know my brother went to Senegal one year. I think that would be an amazing trip.” – Kaitlyn Anderson ’20 (Gator file photo)
“I would really like to go to Greece, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, or Dubai.” – William Apostolica  ’20 (Gator file photo)
“Brazil, Japan, or Greece.” – Ayanna Jefferson ’22 (Gator file photo)
“I would like to go on the Dominican Republic service trip again.”  – Caiti Cullen ’19 (Gator file photo)

Where would you like to go on Winterim next year? Please fill out our quick poll below.

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