Editorial: ‘The Addams Family’ Rocks Audience

If you didn’t see the recent Upper School Production of ‘The Addams Family,’ you missed one of the best high school musicals to grace the School’s stage—or any high school stage, for that matter.

From advanced choreography, an incredible set design, and tremendous acting and singing, the cast and crew pulled out all of the stops. Members of the newsroom still can’t stop humming the tune to “Full Disclosure,” one of our favorite numbers.

Everybody involved in the production deserves tremendous praise, and we cannot begin to fathom the time and energy put into this production. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, which more than paid off. This one will be difficult to top.

Directed by Bill Jacob, with musical direction by Frank Van Atta and choreography by Ingrid Oslund, ‘The Addams Family’ will go definitely go down in the history books. In one word, “jaw-dropping” best describes what we saw over the weekend. Bravo!

We wish the cast and crew a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. They certainly deserve it.