School Captures 13 Scholastic Art Awards


Thirteen students won recognition from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, sponsored by The Boston Globe and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Cara Rittner – Gold Key in Photography

Cara Rittner- Water Abstract

Enlin Xiao – Gold Key in Drawing and Illustration

Aileen Xiao- Dream

Ellen Blazar – Gold Key in Drawing and Illustration

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.41.04 AM

Taylor Shore – Silver Key in Sculpture

Taylor Shore- Stella Assemblage

Paxton Wong – Silver Key in Photography

Paxton Wong- Three Peaks

Mark Donato – Silver Key in Photography

Mark Donato- Boarded Up

Jaime Goldman – Honorable Mention in Photography

Jaime Goldman- Tangled

Jaime Goldman – Honorable Mention in Photography

Jaime Goldman- Crevice

Michelle Li – Honorable Mention in Drawing and Illustration

Michelle Li-Futuristic Cityscape

Zia Angell – Honorable Mention in Photography

Zia Angell- birch trees

Ava Bruening – Honorable Mention in Photography

Ava Bruening- Run

Michael Finn-Henry – Honorable Mention in Photography

Michael Finn Henry_The T

Kristin Gates – Honorable Mention in Photography

Kristin Gates_Tunnels

Kristen Gates ’15, an advanced photo student, won an honorable mention for her picture New York City Flower. “I was so surprised that I won an art award,” Gates said. “My mom was very proud of me and so was Mr. Jacob.”

Taylor Shore ’18, Paxton Wong ’20, and Mark Donato ’19 won Silver Keys for “stand out works.”

Cara Rittner ’19, Ellen Blazar ’18, and Enlin Xiao ’15 won Gold Keys, “the very best works submitted to local programs,” which are also considered for national recognition.

Xiao, an AP Art and Creative Arts Diploma Program (CAP) student, won for her mixed media piece Dreaming,

“It’s great encouragement for me to feel appreciated by other artists, and I will keep perusing my passion,” Xiao said. “Art has fortified my ability to find beauty.”

The Gold Key pieces are now being judged at a national level. They will also be displayed from 10-6 p.m. on Saturday, March 7 and Sunday, March 15 at the Boston University 808 Gallery.

Michelle Li ’18, Zia Angell ’16, Ava Bruening ’20, and Michael Finn Henry ’18 won honorable mentions. Jamie Goldman’15 won two.

In a statement to The Gator, the Art Department expressed its excitement. “We are very proud of the accomplishments of all our students, especially those who received awards.”

– By Elizabeth Leeder ’15