Senior Lounge Undergoes Facelift

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  • Students enjoying the new Senior Lounge. Photo by Sita Alomran ’19.

  • Last year’s Senior Lounge. Photo by Caroline Ellervik ’18.

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Over the summer, the administration made several improvements to the Senior Lounge, including new furniture, installing power outlets, and removing unused lockers from a side of the space.

Late last spring, to offer their insight on how to maximize safe use of the lounge, rising seniors formed a committee to meet with Head of School Judith Guild and Upper School Head Joshua Neudel.

“The brainstorming process involved student voices, and gave students an opportunity to really think about what the size of lounge and what makes sense to improve it,” Neudel said. “Over the summer, when lot of people were away, we emailed photos of potential furniture to the students.”

Upper School Senate President Emma Hastings ’19, who was also a member of the lounge committee, said, “Students participated in group discussions to figure out the best layout and furniture. We got to determine what we wanted to make the space for ourselves.” 

For his part, Benjamin Ernest ’19 is happy with the changes to the lounge.

“I think the senior lounge turned out really well,” said Ernest. “I like the new power outlets, and there are a lot of them to charge our devices. The chairs are nice, and I think getting our work done will be more efficient.” 

Last October, Amy Nwachukwu ’18 wrote a critical Gator op-ed about the lounge, which, before the addition of the Hastings Center, resided between the theater and kitchen. With the recent improvements, however, many of her concerns have been addressed.