Greenline to Lead School in Song at Harvest Fest


Emma Hastings '19 gets into Harvest Fest spirit at last year's gathering. Photo by Caroline Ellervik '18.

Molly McHugh

Emma Hastings ’19 gets into Harvest Fest spirit at last year’s gathering. Photo by Caroline Ellervik ’18.

For next Wednesday’s Harvest Fest, Greenline will perform “Do the Right Thing” by Ages and Ages, and the entire community is expected to also take part in the singing as part of a School promotional video.

Digital Cinema teacher Christian Kiley came up with the idea along with music teacher Scott Koven, and the School has purchased the rights to perform and share a recording online.

“I want to tell the Brimmer story in the form of a video, ideally incorporating this year’s theme of empathy and ethical thinking. It will be a way to give the outside world a glimpse of our community at its best.”

Greenline member Libby Foley ’20 is happy with the song choice, and she is excited for the performance.

Foley said, “I think Greenline sounds great so far, and we are eager planning to lead the community at Harvest Fest.”

Benjamim Ernest ’19 echoed Foley’s enthusiasm about the song choice. “It’s a fantastic song and it will fit perfectly at Harvest Fest.”