GNN Live: Eaton ’05 Talks Climate Change


For the past 51 years, April 22 has marked the date we have dedicated our efforts to preserve our home planet, Earth. Photo courtesy of

Julie Eaton ’05 is a Brimmer alumna. She has Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science (University of Rochester) and Civil Engineering (UMass Lowell), and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering (UMass Lowell). In 2005, she started off her collegiate career at Tulane University in New Orleans days before Hurricane Katrina landed. For over a decade, her academic and professional ventures have focused on looking at climate change resiliency and adaptation from policy and design perspectives. She works for Weston & Sampson Engineers and is currently the lead resiliency engineer for the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Statewide Resiliency Master Plan.