Photos: Week in Review

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  • Michelle Levinger ’19, Caitlin Cullen ’19, Chloe Berlin ’20 and Maya Bousek ’19 dressed up for Halloween. Photo By Sita Alomran ’19.

  • Michelle Levinger ’19 poses with her Lower School buddy during Harvest Fest. Photo by Nicole DeCesare.

  • Student architecture work displayed in the Innovation Space. Photo By Sita Alomran ’19.

  • Connor Reif 19 wins the MBIL race. Photo by David Barron.

  • Christian Kiley leads students in filming “Do the Right Thing” by Ages and Ages. Photo by Nicole DeCesare.

  • Sarah Scott ’22, Zachary Ginsberg ’22 and Sofia Chaves ’22. Photo By Sita Alomran ’19.

  • Henry Ngo ’19 working on his AP Biology homework. Photo By Sita Alomran ’19.

  • Behare Goshime ’22 designing the walkway using chalk.

  • MBIL Girl’s Cross Country 2018 trophy. Photo By Sita Alomran ’19.

  • “It’s not as stressful as everyone makes it sound. As long as you stay on top of everything and listen to what the college counsellors say, it’s not that bad. College counseling was a good way to help me stay organized and pick schools that I liked.” -Caiti Cullen

  • Student using chalk to design the pathway. Photo By Sita Alomran ’19.

  • Miles Best ’20 working on his English annotations. Photo By Sita Alomran ’19.

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