Administration Locks New Bathroom


Photo illustration by Jared Heller ’19.

Photo illustration by Jared Heller ’19.

On November 6, the administration locked the single stall, all gender bathroom in the hallway leading from the solarium to the Hasting’s wing, raising questions from students.

The administration has made no formal announcement to students on this issue, but says that it is working on a plan to reopen the bathroom.

According to Upper School Head Joshua Neudel, the closure comes after reports from “students, teachers, and parents that there were some bad choices happening in that bathroom.”

Neudel also said, “We don’t have a good way to monitor it.”

Dean of Students Paul Murray elaborated.

“There is no adult presence in that hallway, so it is very hard for us to have eyes on what goes on up there,” Murray said. “So until we can figure out a better plan to get adult eyes up there, we thought it was best to keep that bathroom locked.”

The bathroom is closed until further notice, but students have access to three other all gender bathrooms throughout the School.

“I haven’t heard anything from teachers or the administration about that bathroom,” said Joshua Poresky 19. “All I have heard is rumors from students, but I have noticed that it is not open.”