Student Winter Break Plans


Evergreens at snowy winter park in the night. Special toned photo f/x.

Molly McHugh, Writer

Recently, The Gator sat down with Upper School students to discuss their plans for the upcoming vacation.

“Im going to Florida to see my grandma and spend Christmas with her. I am happy to go spend time with her and enjoy the warm weather.” — Sergei Tourian ’21
“I’m going to Switzerland with my family. I am exited to spend time with my them and just relax before going back to school.” — Abdulaziz Almoran ’22
“My mom’s family is coming over for break, which I’m really exited for. We might go see a Celtics game, watch the Nutcracker, or try go-carting, which is really fun. I’m looking forward to that.” — Behare Goshime ’22
“I’m going to Mexico to celebrate my birthday, Christmas, and New Years. I am exited to see my family that lives there.” — Paola Mammano ’20
“I am going to the Bahamas. I am exited to go snorkeling, get some sun, go swimming, and just relax.” — William Apostolica ’20
“I’m just going to relax. I don’t have anything planned. It’s going to be nice to have a break from school and just chill at home.” — Caiti Cullen ’19
“I’m not doing too much, but I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends. Other than that, I’m going to be swimming a lot.” — Liam Conklin ’19