Fashion Flash: Lucas Zhang ’20

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What do you think about when picking out your outfit for the day?

It depends on the weather. In the winter, I do not put as much effort into my outfits because it is too cold and I have to wear a coat which takes away from the outfit. In the spring and summer, I actually put the effort in to styling  what I want to wear for the day.

What is your favorite article of clothing?

I like styling the top part of my outfits the best because they are so versatile and easy to pair with anything.

What stores do you like to shop at?

I mainly shop online, but I do not really have any particular stores that I like.

What does your sense of style reflect on you as a person if it does?

I think dressing nicely shows a sign of respect to the people surrounding you, so I like to make sure I look presentable while still being comfortable.

Are you able to dress easily everyday without thinking too much about the dress code?

I think dress code is one of the silliest things. It is not that hard for me to dress within the dress code, but I do not think that should be something that the administration should be worrying about.

Do you prefer online shopping or street shopping?

I like to shop online a lot, but it is easier to street shopping because you can automatically tell if the clothing fits you so there is no need for returns.