51 Accepted Students Attend Revisit Days

Hosts pose with administrators in the Innovation Space before accepted applicants arrive Thursday. Photo (L-R) Upper School Head Joshua Neudel, Associate Director of Admissions Jessica Christian, Zakkai Mares-VanPraag ’21, Brian Barrera ’22, Sophia Spring ’22, CJ McLaughlin ’22.

Fifty-one accepted Middle and Upper School applicants for next academic year are visiting classes today and tomorrow, getting a better look into the day in the life of a student here.

Visitors are assigned to a host in the grade that they would enter, shadowing them for the day.

“Revisit days are extremely important to students and families and are often cited as the most critical piece of the decision-making process,” Director of Enrollment Brian Beale said.  “Students typically visit two to three schools in the days following March break to get a better feel for where they will feel most comfortable and thrive as students during their middle and high school years.”.

Last night, the School also hosted an event for accepted parents.

“This was a chance for new parents to meet and mingle with members of the Brimmer community including faculty, administrators, parents, and trustees,” Associate Director of Admissions Jessica Christian said, also noting that 48 families attended the event.