Photos: Week of Sept. 15

Edan Zinn, Outgoing Editor-in-Chief

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  • In Drawing, students draw shapes using charcoal pencils, sticks, and vine.

  • Brent Ridge teaches a lesson on shapes and geometric patterns in Drawing.

  • Natalie Kozhemiakin ’23 uses a charcoal stick to draw a square.

  • Alexander Kirby ’23 smudges his artwork to create smooth lines.

  • Eleanor Reyelt ’23 uses charcoal to redefine her lines.

  • Madeline Hsiao ’23 draws an assortment of shapes.

  • Asher Jaeckel and Behare Goshime ’22 study in the Outdoor Classroom.

  • Daniel Murray ’23 uses a 3D-pen to create glasses in Digital Fabrication.

  • Grace Kandiah ’23 weeds vinyl to create a decal sticker for breast cancer awareness.

  • Gianni Thompson ’21 composes a shot using a DSLR camera in Photography class.

  • Lilliana Palmer and Liyanah Naji ’23 use OnShape to create a 3D CAD design in Architecture.

  • Ayanna Jefferson ’22 creates a 2D shape with Onshape.

  • Betty Wang ’21 puts her finishing touches on a 3D bird in Onshape.

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