Ninth Grade Travels to Project Adventure

Michael Young, Journalist

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  • Hebe Qiang ’23 gets ready to do the ropes course. Photo by Edan Zinn ”23.

  • Grace Kandiah ’23 goes through the high-ropes course. Photo by Edan Zinn ’23.

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The Class of 2023 went on a team-building trip to Project Adventure in Beverly last Wednesday to cultivate communication skills.

Students split into groups to participate in various activities – including a high-ropes course – with students helping to motivate and spot each other. The class also played a variation of tag.

Other activities included using rope swings to travel between platforms and running through a swinging jump rope as a team.

Christian Lockhart ’23 felt like the trip was a good way to integrate new students into the community. “It was fun and allowed us to try and do things,” Lockhart said.

Dean of Students Paul Murray explained that while the grade bonded at Camp Wingate-Kirkland earlier this fall, for the newest high school class, friendship-building-based activities during the year also cement healthy class dynamics.

“We found that it was important to put an event not so far into the school year and revisit some of that work that we want to do at Camp Wingate- Kirkland,” Murray said.

“It was fun and it was nice to have the support of other people while doing the ropes course,” Grace Kandiah ’23 said.

Murray said that he hopes to plan more team-building field trips later this academic year.