Editorial: College Counselors Deserve Praise


College counselors Lisa Summergrad and Anya Huston work with seniors. Photo by Nicole DeCesare.

Gator Editorial Board

Students here have passionate and talented teachers, but we are also privileged to have an equally terrific college counseling team, which works tirelessly to help navigate an increasingly pressure-ridden application process.

The administration created a spring semester class for juniors about six years ago, as students step foot into the college search process. A senior fall semester class, which dives deeper into the transition, dates back to 1997.

Prior to joining these classes, though, many students don’t recognize the behind-the-scenes work that should be applauded.

The recent Brimmer Magazine featured a much deserved spotlight on Director of College Counseling Anya Huston, who offered insight into the college application process, sharing her own experience and tips for success.

Huston, a Bates College graduate, joined here in 2017 to work alongside former College Counseling Director Cindy Pendergast.

“My philosophy, like many others, is all about finding the right fit,” Huston said. “The only way I can successfully help students is to get to know them in as many ways as possible–through college counseling classes, individual meetings, family meetings, and questionnaires.”

This fall, the School also welcomed Associate Director of College Counseling Lisa Summergrad, who came from Wellesley College’s admissions office, where she worked for six years before coming here.

“When you are working in college admissions you get to know students for about 10–20 minutes, but when you are a college counselor you get to read their essays and know their stories, and get to know them really well,” Summergrad said. “I’ve really enjoyed being part of a community where I can get to know the students so well.”

Summergrad and Huston are an awesome team. In October, they organized transcripts and wrote recommendations for the 40 seniors in the graduating class—all while smiling in the hallway and saying hello.

Of note, the 110 college representatives who came to talk from around  the country this fall—the largest number in School history—were arranged by Summergrad and Huston.

Without question, seniors should thank Summergrad and Huston. They certainly deserve it.