Quiz Bowl Team Makes it to Semi-Finals


Photo by Paul Murray.

Karly Hamilton

Students reached new heights at the annual WGBH Quiz Bowl Extra Credit competition, held recently at Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney’s bookstore in Plainville, MA.

The team, consisting of seniors Camille Cherney, Oliver Khorasani, Miles Munkacy, and Cora Williams won its first round against Littleton High School 110-80, but lost by just a single question against another team.

Dean of Students Paul Murray, who oversees the club, said that in previous years, the team had never reached this point in the competition.

“We had tested and never gotten past the testing round,” Murray said, also noting that the School had never scored high enough to enter a tournament until this year, scoring 770 out of a possible 1000 points.

This score allowed the team to qualify for the Extra Credit tournament, the winner of which would become the final team competing in the main, televised tournament.

Cherney said she felt nervous at the outset, “but once we started answering questions, it was super fun,” she said.

“We rose up to the challenge of something new and did great. Most importantly, it was a good team effort—everybody contributed and answered a lot of questions,” Munkacy said.

Despite not making it to the main competition, all team members were proud of their performance.

“We were lucky enough to go, and really competing was something that I never thought I would do,” Khorasani said.

Murray was proud of the team’s performance and has high hopes for next year’s competition.