Overflow Crowd Gathers for Annual Coffeehouse

Edan Zinn, Outgoing Editor-in-Chief

Last night, an overflow crowd packed the dining commons to share music and poetry during Circles 16: A Coffeehouse.

Teachers Bill Jacob and Ted Barker-Hook lead the annual event to foster community.

“It was a great success,” Jacob said. “Many alumni showed with about 100 people in attendance, 20 different acts. and a great time had by all.”

Several alumni were reunited with the help of Director of Special Events Amanda Frank.

“Last evening’s Coffee House was a great success,” Frank said. “The performances were wonderful and we have such talent in our community. I was so pleased to see many of our alumni in the audience. We had member from classes spanning from 2008-2019.”

The community shared a sing-along version of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones to close the performance.

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  • Students enjoy the final sing-along number.

  • Students watch their peers perform onstage.

  • Registrar Janeata Robinson takes the solo in the sing-along.

  • Cora Williams sings the solo in the final number.

  • History teacher Ted Barker-Hook plays the guitar in the last sing-along song.

  • Creative Arts Department Chair Bill Jacob plays guitar as Anja Westhues ’19 sings during the 2019 Coffee House.

  • Alumni pose onstage with Alumni Affairs Director Amanda Frank ’88.

  • Libby Foley ’20, accompanied by history teacher, Ted Barker-Hook on the guitar, sings a song.

  • Anja Westhues ’20 sings at Coffee House 2019 with her father, Jukka Westhues.

  • Lizzie Weber ’20 sings a song.

  • Ted Barker-Hook and his family sing a song.

  • Kitty Huang ’21 plays a song on the piano

  • Dessie Bell Kamen ’20 is accompanied by her father Eric Kamen on the piano.

  • Cora Williams ’20 sings a song while playing the piano.

  • Jude Palmer ’22 sings a song while playing on his guitar.

  • Zakkai Mares-van Praag ’22 sings a song while Sophia Spring ’22 plays on her ukulele.

  • Catherine Leeder ’20 sings a song.

  • Annika Walker ’24 sings while Leili Singer ’26 plays the piano.

  • Neel Kumar ’22 raps his new single.

  • Maddie Pogoda ’25 sings a song while playing her ukulele.

  • Simon Amaya Price ’22 plays a song on the piano.

  • Hannah Liwerant ’22 performs at Coffee House in 2019.

  • Stephen Moreno Jimenez ’20 and Elias Kazin ’20 share the spotlight in a duet.

  • Stephen Moreno Jimenez ’20 sings a song.

  • Meena Kumar P. ’22 plays the Sitar.

  • Meena Kumar P. ’22 shows off her sitar, a traditional Indian acoustic instrument.

  • Alum Michelle Levinger ’19 sings an old Brimmer favorite on her ukulele.

  • Upper School Ensemble Teacher Luca Antonucci plays trumpet alongside librarian Megan Dolan.

  • Librarian Megan Dolan sings a song with Upper School Ensemble Director Luca Antonucci (trumpet) and Scott Koven (keyboard).

  • Emcee Elias Kazin ’20 opens the show.

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